Statement By President Joe Biden On Behalf Of The Administration

Statement By President Joe Biden On Behalf Of The Administration

In a well-crafted and moving speech, Joe Biden captured the hearts of the American people in his address to the United States Senate on Tuesday. But one mistake he made, perhaps due to personal or political factors, has been exploited by some opportunists who want to malign the administration, particularly on the issue of the war in Afghanistan. The problem with this is that the United States administration, like all administrations, has a certain failures and blunders; but it also has successes as well. Here are some of the blunders that the administration has not adequately taken care of.

First, it seems that the administration has not sufficiently “cared” for the men and women in harm’s way in Iraq and in Afghanistan. This is a very serious issue. Our military is the greatest asset we have in the world. The lives that we lose in our wars and conflicts are a loss to us all and a waste of human resources. It is not just a matter of lives; it is also about resources and capabilities.

Second, in making a statement on behalf of the administration on the attack in Iraq, the vice president made a huge mistake. He did not make clear that the United States would be putting an additional 8 AHul Fatty troops on duty in Iraq. The statement indicates that we will be taking half the number of troops that we had in Iraq. This is a terrible mistake.

A third mistake is in not releasing the condolence letters that were sent to the family members of those who died in the war. These letters should have been released immediately. There were indications that some of the bombs that hit civilians were planted by American soldiers and they could have been avoided if they had made use of a bomb defusal device. We also have yet to hear from the spokesperson about why President Obama has changed his mind on the use of force in Iraq. He told the press today that we will be taking the necessary steps to win the war against the Islamic State.

Although the administration has a responsibility to protect the American people and uphold the rule of law, their continued support for the continuation of the war in Afghanistan would be nothing short of dishonor to the members of our armed forces and to the values that form the foundation of American society. The United States is at war and we need to win that war. And we also need to secure our nation’s borders, which would include stopping the influx of illegal immigrants into the country.

Our enemy is the one that threatens our nation with the specter of international terrorism. But they are not innocent. They are engaged in international terrorism and they have cells throughout the country that are ready to attack at a moment’s notice. This is a war that we cannot afford to lose and we owe it to the men and women who fight and serve in our military to make sure that they are well taken care of.

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